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Mon, Nov. 15th, 2004, 11:45 am
thequeenmac: one of those times with one of those ppl

this may just be one of those procrastination tools college kids use to put off papers, but i am waiting on an email. so its ok. this isnt as much bitching pissed off as frustrated pissed off.

My grandma(gma) who i love with all my heart has started to act like a child. she is scared of her kids treating her one and has started doing stupid things, to prove that she can. She had this treatment in Colorado for her caughing and it destroid her iner ear. so there are a lot of things, like oh say WALKING, she has a hard time with. she is/was and will always be a VERY independent person. she likes to be able to fend for herself, and rightnow she cant really do that.

Apperntly she has been falling a lot reasontly. i didnt know about it until yesterday when i took her to a movie that i knew she would love. this is way i am frustrated. she told me she wants to DRIVER HER FUCKING SELF to louisiana. She cant read and drive, she cant get gas for herself, what if she fell at the gas station? what if she needed somthing. she was like "Marcia there are people at the gas stations." THIS WAS NOT 5 MINTS AFTER SHE TOLD ME I SHOULD NEVER PARK BY VANS AND DRIVE WITH MY FUCKING DOORS LOCKED! bah.. i know i am being more silly than not but i dont know what to do. well i have to go now. bah.