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Welcome to Vent Central.

We love to hear your story!

Come and vent, we know you want too.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Angry at someone on LJ? At work? School? Church!? Vent it here.

Ever been really pissed off?
Oh come on - we know you have.
Ever been really pissed off and
you needed somewhere to vent,
yet nobody would hear you?.

Welcome to the community where
you can vent about people, things,
items, clothing, shows, ANYTHING
that pisses you off!

Please Note:
If this community offends you, or you
simply dislike it, then please view a
community you may like, and just ignore
this one. Thanks!

The Owner/Maintainer!
Owner: firzt_lady
Mod: momology

1. No Posts that violate the rules of LiveJournal TOSin any posts.
2. NO advertising other communities here.
3. NO insulting members directly.
4. If any images are posted, please use livejournal /cut tag. (Learn How)
5. Enjoy yourselves, vent as much as you can.
6. PLEASE remeber, if you intend on cursing a whole lot, make the post FRIENDS ONLY
7. Anything that involves or shows your anger is welcome, Icons, Images, Words, Poems, anything that will help you vent! :)